Journey on the BC Coast

Dave and Lia stocking up on water

We paddled south from Prince Rupert unsure of what the BC coast had to offer.  We stopped at a small dock on the south end of town to reload with water and journey on.  We stopped along the way to see the sights and play.  Will decided to try some acrobatics off of a tree to cool down on yet another hot sunny day.

Will Goes for a Flip

We made our way through Grenville Channel, until stopping for a couple of Days in Hartley Bay.  We were greeted by incredibly hospitable folks and had an opportunity to learn a ton about the community there.

Docked up in Hartley Bay

We spent our time meeting the locals, hiking around, and picking berries.  Every night at 10 O’clock however, all of the children played a version of hide and seek called “Man Hunt” and we were more than willing to play.  Chasing the kids through town made us feel how little we have been using our legs this trip!

Will and Chris Playing with the Kids in Hartley Bay

The people treated us to halibut, hering eggs, crab, sockeye, hooligan oil, and all kinds of delicious treats.  We were not to too surprised when we were also treated with a beautiful sunset.

Hartley Bay Sunset

Paddling continued south as we stopped in Bella Bella to resupply.  The great views continued to come.  We ran into a fellow kayaker named John from Seattle, and he gave us the idea to check out the outer coast.

Lucas and the Sky

We decided to take him up on his advice and ventured out to see what all the fuss was about.  We were sure glad we listened to him, as it seemed we had stumbled into the tropics!  White sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, and spectacular views kept us busy for a few days.

Elyse Likes the Sand

Paddling in Paradise

It was tough to leave, but we finally decided to push off and we made our way back to the inside passage.  We were fortunate to check out Addenbroke Light House.  The people there were awesome to visit and they lifted our boats right out of the water for us!  They gave us a hot shower and shared some delicious salmon, they had a beautiful spot!

Craning a Boat at the Light House

Shortly after leaving, Will and Mallory left us to snag a ride back home with friends on their boat.  It was sad to say goodbye, but we will never forget the great moments that we all shared together.  Too bad for them, they missed a red sand beach a couple of days later!

Andrew is Excited for Red Sand

Max, Colin and Dave get a little Muddy

The following day we got going with first light and made it around Cape Caution with beautiful weather.  The swells were mellow and it was an enjoyable roller coaster ride.

Majestic Swells

We were fortunate to meet a new pal Murray the next day and he has joined our crew for the time being.  He is rowing from Vancouver to Bella Bella and back in order to raise awareness of the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Check out his trip.

Murray Joins Us!

Fish and Berries in the Sand

After having a potlatch style feast, we shared a foggy day on the water as we made our way to Vancouver Island.

Thick Fog Paddle

Paddle into Camp

Things are going great thus far, hard to imagine that we are now on the island that we will be finishing our journey on.  Lucky for us, it is quite a large island!  We are in Port Mcneil currently, and will pushing off soon.  Thanks for checking out the blog!

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