South to the Bay Area

Biking south from Arcata, we immediately entered the Redwood forests.  Craning our necks, we were transfixed by the towering canopies above.  We spent several days moving slowly, staring up. We were fortunate to camp within the trees and spent much time exploring the tranquil atmosphere.

Walking Bikes off the Road

Colin’s sister, Laura, and her boyfriend, Daniel, shared a camp site with us just north of Legget, CA.  They treated us to great food, s’mores, and good stories.  Thank you guys!  The next days brought us back out to the coast.  The road west on Highway 1 was full of big uphills and downhills.  The uphill sections seemed to bottleneck all of the cyclists and we all took a break together at one of the peaks.  Steve and Chad, friends from earlier in the trip, were resting with the group atop the hill and decided to ride with us once again.  One of the other riders was sporting a Sitka, Alaska jersey.  We ended up knowing many of the same people and talked about home.  What a small world!

A Southeast Cycling Friend

After another set of hills we emerged to see the ocean once again. Laura and Daniel had left us an awesome surprise to welcome us!

Surprised to see a friendly message in the sand!

Back to the Coast

The next days we continued to move down the coast.  The fog moved in and out, keeping us cool but damp.  We moved more steadily through this section, fueled by the notions of friends and family awaiting in San Francisco.  Several days of serene cycling and nights of great camping ensued as we explored the remarkably rural coast north of San Francisco.

Sunset from Camp

Northern California Coast

Eventually, we found ourselves staring across the bay at San Francisco.  With many more people in the city, the bicycling was more hectic than usual.  Fortunate for us we have many good friends and family in the area and have really enjoyed spending time and visiting with them.  Still a lot of California to the south, keep checking in for more updates!

Posing with the Golden Gate Bridge


Hello California

After saying goodbye to Connor, we continued south.  Max and Colin chose to go ahead of the group in order to spend time with Lia Hiefitz in Charleston.   The rest of the group spent two nights and one full day in Waldport, hanging around at the Green Bike Co-op.  The Co-op is a bike shop where the community can work on bicycles at fully equipped work stations as they please.  In addition, they have fixed up 100 junk and donated bikes, painted them green, and released them throughout the small town.  The bikes are for the people; there is no cost and they can be taken and left when ever and where ever.  There is no charge for anything at the shop, however it runs solely off of donations from the many who use the facility.  Volunteers run the operation and we were lucky enough to learn about the project and help fix some bikes!

Outside the Green Bike Co-op


Rick teaching us the ropes of bicycle maintenance

In the next days the group re-joined in Charleston.  We spent time checking out Lia’s new college program and exploring the coast. After a wonderful stay filled with the company of Karl & Kaitlyn Bausler and Chris Miller, great meals, fun times, and the celebration of old man Kanaan’s 24th birthday we hit the road south again.

Beach day with the Bauslers


Leaving Lia's

Leaving Lia’s, Chris got the first flat of the trip. Although seeing the first flat was a somber affair and was not taken lightly it did allow us to meet up with Bryce another biker heading south. Bryce was moving from NYC to San Francisco via bike (he wasn’t towing a Uhaul nor did he give up all his possessions, but had shipped his stuff ahead). We stopped for an evening shop at the Langlois Market in Langlois, OR.  Jake the owner offered up the lot adjacent to the store as a campsite.  With picnic tables, an outhouse, blackberry bushes, and level ground it was an ideal spot.

The next day was hot, warranting a midday beach break to swim and lay in the sand. As we pulled into Gold Beach that evening a sign advertising “All You Can Eat Pizza” welcomed us determining our dinner plans. Eleven slices each filled us up and probably made us unwelcome at the restaurant.

They didn't know what was coming!

Cresent City and California was the goal of the next day. Suddenly, the rocky coastline we’ve become accustomed to was now joined with large hills and gigantic redwood trees. That night we set up camp on a beach in Cresent City with an additional member in the bicycle brigade. Evan Grainger has now joined up with us.

New addition, Evan Grainger

Although we started Evan’s first day with a 3 mile steep uphill climb, we were able to show him the more enjoyable aspect of the trip when we cooked our dinners amongst the Redwoods and camped on a bluff overlooking the Pacific.

Pacific view from the bluff

In Arcata, we spent a night with the Gullufsen brothers  (Kevin and Eric) adventuring around the Humboldt State University campus.  The following day took us to the farm of Bruce Hitchka, a cycling enthusiast we had met around town, he was gracious enough to serve us a halibut dinner and all the apples  we could imagine.  We ended up spending 3 nights with Bruce, picking apples on his property, learning about bee-keeping and meeting the horses.  We enjoyed his great hospitality and look forward to him visiting Juneau sometime in the future.

The gang posing at Bruce's

Max and Chris feeding the horses

Apples to Apples

We have also met up with Caroline Hedin, she will make us a group of 8!

Caroline and Jen in the Apple Orchard


Biking to the Bluff


Back on the bikes, we are heading south to San Francisco. Couldn’t be more excited to check out the upcoming redwood forests!