The Mission

Searching for communities connected to places
Seeking a healthy and quality experience of the Americas
Sharing virtues of localization to advance the global happiness
Showing cultural perspectives in a film inspired by locations and adventures

Our Story

This was the original line we drew back in 2012... see the Vivo Aqui logo on the film project page for the actual route.

In June of 2012, a group of Juneau-grown friends embarked on the experience of a lifetime. Before we get too old and ripe, each of us has a desire to become more intimately connected to the world in which we live by experiencing it first hand, one day at a time. This trip was a chance to be swallowed by the customs and cultural traditions of each area that we traveled through.  After graduating from our respective universities, we kayaked from our hometown of Juneau, Alaska through the inside passage to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The trip continued when we jumped onto bicycles and followed the road system through North, Central and South America to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

A primary focus of this trip was not the end date and time but rather the journey itself. For this reason we only set loose guesses as to how long different sections would take to complete. We planned for the unexpected. Whether that meant falling in love with a specific region or culture that demanded more time or a realization of new possibilities which turned our straight line route into a jigsaw’s path.

Everyone in the group has now returned from South America, but the stories will continue to flow from this journey. The film project is well underway as we begin to review and edit the massive amount of footage collected from two years of traveling and documenting. Stay tuned for future presentations, writings, and video updates.

Thanks so much to everyone that made the ATripSouth Film Project kickstarter successful! Stay tuned in the coming months for more updates!