Good People

If you think what we are doing is cool, you can contribute to this project in a variety of ways. See the options below to see which one(s) you may fit into!


If you have a leadership position in a company or business of some kind, and you would like to attach your name to our trip in any way, shape or form, please let us know! We have all types of options for advertisement and aim to achieve reciprocal benefits for all organizations involved. Contact us at for more information. Look at Companies to see all the cool businesses that we have already developed relationships with!

Lend a hand

We will accept any form of help that you are willing to offer. Whether it be a meal, a backyard to sleep in, a word of advise, or a couple bucks. Any thing that you can contribute will be much appreciated. See the Givers page to see some of the cool folks that have hooked us up.

Join us!

If you want to meet up with us for any section of the trip, you should do it! As long as you can organize your gear and have a flexible schedule we will welcome all friends that want to hang out. Come travel and experience A Trip South for yourself! Check out the Buddies page to see who has, is, or will be joining us.