If you have a leadership position in a company or business of some kind, and you would like to attach your name to our trip in any way, shape or form, please let us know! We have all types of options for advertisement and aim to achieve reciprocal benefits for all organizations involved. Contact us at for more information. Look below to see all the cool companies that we have already developed relationships with!

Seaward Kayaks

Seaward is a small Canadian kayak company focused on creating quality innovative boats. Located in Chemainus, British Columbia on Vancouver Island they know the water well and produce kayaks accordingly. This is a great company with a welcoming staff who wants you out on the water more than themselves (well may not quite that much…).

Nugget Alaskan Outfitter

 Our local outdoor gear store has generously offered their support. NAO will be supplying us with various equipment that we will need along the journey.

Above and Beyond Alaska

 Above and Beyond Alaska is a small kayaking and hiking outfit located in Juneau, Alaska. This company puts the emphasis on adventure for all of its guided trips whether it be sea kayaking around Juneau’s amazing coastline or hikes on the Mendenhall Glacier, one of Juneau’s most popular attractions.This company has been graciously helping us with gear for the kayaking portion of the trip and has been an important resource.

Cycle Alaska

These are the bike people of Juneau and without them we wouldn’t be biking. If you’re looking for a new bike, a tour of Juneau (they even have one that stops at the Alaskan Brewery!), or need some maintenance on your old bike Cycle Alaska is the place.

Aurora projekt

Of course we will be reping the raddest threads in town! What did you expect? Aurora Projekt is Juneau’s truest, most legit and chill homie movement / artist collective. Any one who is down to get down in our home town has mad respect for AP. We will be sharing the coolness of The Projekt with the rest of Southeast AK and beyond in our travels.

Art Sutch Photography

Art Sutch owns the only camera shop in Juneau. He has graciously agreed to support us by giving us a shop discount on our film equipment. Check this place out for your camera needs in Juneau. Corporate department stores have cheap prices for cheap quality. Support your community by visiting local businesses!


Boombotixis going to be keeping the good vibes going along the journey with their portable speakers. This will be a long adventure so it will be nice to have some audio that can get us through several days of trekkin’.  One of the nice things about Boombotix speakers is that they feature an ultra high capacity lithium ion battery, and they’re incredibly lightweight.  They have a built on clip that allows us to fasten these little speakers to our jackets, backpacks, belts, pockets, or just about anything.  We love having music on our trip and it’s great to have a little companion that is truly engineered for the job.



 Some of the crew is going to be rocking PeakUk dry suits and PFD’s – we couldn’t be more stoked! They have an innovative ankle-to-ankle entry system that is very convenient and comfortable.


Aqua-Bound We chose the Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray paddle for the kayak portion of our trip. Aqua-Bound generously replied to our request for support.


 Voltaic makes solar panels and batteries for all your portable electrical needs. Their waterproof and scratch resistant panel and accompanying battery is going to power us up on the journey south. If you are in need of portable power check them out, their knowledgeable and friendly staff will set you up with what you need.

Alaskan Brewing Company

 No, unfortunately the Brewing Company will not be sponsoring the crew with beer caches throughout the trip. However they are donating some biking gear so we can be comfortable, stylish, and rep the hometown on the pedal south.

TyRy Foods

 TyRy Inc. owns dehydrated/freeze-dried food companies Richmoor, Alpine Aire, and Natural High. They are lending their support and their food will be filling our bellies throughout the journey.

Wilderness Poets

Wilderness Poets makes the most delicious raw nut butters, great for homemade energy bars.

Bumble Bar

Bumble Bars baby! We’ll bee ready to buzz.


Go Raw or go home. These guys make awesome raw energy bars as well as delicious raw granola.


 They probably don’t need any introduction, but Patagonia is a conscientious outerwear company based on sustainability and not just making a buck. The crew will be sporting their clothing in all the diverse climates we will encounter.


 We will use Contour cameras to help produce the film. Contour has agreed to help us make it happen.