Lend a hand

We will accept any form of help that you are willing to offer. Whether it be a meal, a backyard to sleep in, a word of advise, or a couple bucks. Any thing that you can contribute will be much appreciated.

Here is the incomplete list of some awesome individuals that have helped us out in some way. THANK YOU!

Duncan Lowder- The wizard behind this website!

Chris Miller- Loaned us camera equipment to produce our sample film, and giving guidance on film equipment.

Katie Bausler- Purchased necessary film equipment for the project.

Kevin Anderson & Patrick Crosby - Donated their time and AML’s resources to ship our kayaks from Seattle to Juneau.

Mark Laperyi – Helped us get out in the boats for the first time and gave us some good rescue demos.

Mike Bly – Is the raddest bike mechanic in town. He has been instrumental in helping us choose, order, and build our bikes.

Becky Janes – Has put in extra effort to help us get all of our kayak gear. We’d be lost without her.

Doug Godkin – Our Seaward contact pulled some major strings to get us on the water. He was also one of the original believers in our trip.

Mark Hall - Set us up with PeakUK drysuits and will be paddling with us once we reach Vancouver Island.

Andy Kline – Had the original idea for our May 19th event and has been leading the way with his expertise in partying.

Brock Tabor - Has been giving us safety lessons to prepare for our kayak trip. His guidance has been invaluable.

Julia Nave and Lynn & Luke Metcalfe - Held down the JACC while we celebrated our fundraiser party, enduring the wrath of confused drunkards and working hard to keep everything within the legal regulations. We owe them a big one.

Kickstarter Contributors! - We were able to raise $5,151 for our film equipment on kickstarter thanks to the following givers: Matt Bourget, Mary Watson, Aaron, Daniel Wowczuk, Yenny Webb, Mikaela Rodriguez, Patricia Kalbrener, Mike and Mj, Fritz Statler, Diana Rossmiller, Kelli Belardi, Gerrie Kennedy, Doug Cook, Maxfield, Judy Crondahl, Leon Vance, Eric Damon Walters, Conor Bell, Frankie and Odin and Aldyn, Alan Gordon, Gavin Lee, Fred & Celeste Statler, Terry Cramer, Laura Fleming, Tom and Julianna, Amund Rongstad, Srikanth reddy Mudireddy, Patrick Race, Kaitlyn, Matt Feldman, Patricia Hull, Russ Stevens, Mandy Schramm, Karen Lawfer, Jad Hindy, Katie Bausler, Nadine Crowe, Sara Mollie Cohen, Maude Statler, Nathan Adamski, Maeghan Kearney, Cody Bennett, Heather Rose, Melanie Brown, Maire New, Joe Jacobson, Laura Flynn, John Greely, Ryan, Alicia Rowe, Laura Minne, Kaj Hedin, Doug Liermann, Celeta and Spencer, Spenser Johnson, Dick Farnell, Kitty & Ben Wells, Shari Kitchin, Elise Pypaert, Alison Caputo, Padraig New, Caleb Wylie, Rob Bosworth, Ann & Scott, Steve Handy, Barrett Lavergne, Erik Bausler, Danielle Lillard, and Kristina Short

Aric Ludwig – Helped gather medical supplies and spoke with the group about travel medicine

Sen. Dennis Egan, Rep. Beth Kerttula, Rep. Cathy Muñoz, and Aurora Hauke – Thank you for providing us with a formal letter of introduction for our trip south.

Sean Reilly and the Tracy Arm wilderness rangers – helped us plan and execute our Tracy Arm detour

Chuck from Petersberg – gave us some delicious king salmon and king crab, feeding the entire group for a night!

Mike, Joel, and Ann Jackson, and Dave in Kake - gave us great quanitities of sea food and support

The other Dave in Kake – helped us get internet access and charging time for our first trip updates

Frank, Rusty, and the Neighbors in El Cap/Whale Pass – gave us rides from the east to the west side of POW island, allowing us to stay at the Squibb cabin for some much needed recouperation time

Ed and Linda Squibb – gave us a beautiful place to stay on POW

Randy and Johnny in Coffman Cove – are about the most generous guys in Southeast Alaska. They put us up for two nights in Randy’s beautiful home, feeding us with endless amounts of freshly caught seafood (shrimp, salmon, octopus) and helping us get around town to do our chores. Gratitude. Also thanks to Ethel for the dried fish and good times.

Herman the Dutch paddler – pointed us in the right direction for our Ketchikan rest stop in Knudsen Cove.

Jared, Betsey, and the whole crew at Southeast Exposure - put us up in their boat barn for multiple days of celebrations and reorganizing our gear. Their hospitality and good vibes went a long way in helping us enjoy Ketchikan to the fullest.

The Chathams on Pennock Island – gave us a place to stay for three nights as we prepared for our journey to Canada. And to top it all off they gave us a ride out of Ketchikan on the tug boat!

Don Green in Dixon Entrance- Gave us a beautiful fish for dinner

Craig and Alex on the Katz- gave us four sockeye when we visited them in Nakat Harbor. Easily the best salmon feast of the trip! Thanks a lot to Michael, Jesse, and Buckshot for joining us on land in the torrential downpour for some good buddy time.

Dominic and Eric on the East Isle- halibut for twelve was an excellent introduction to Canada!

Skeena Kayaks- Thanks to Joe at Skeena Kayaks for pointing us around Prince Rupert and giving us a place to leave our boats!

Kelly in Prince Rupert- Gave us a place to pitch our tents for a couple of nights and shared many good conversations

Stan Robinson- Gave us a place to stay in Hartley Bay, a delicious crab meal, halibut and herring eggs, and many words of Wisdom.

Cameron Hill and Family- Shared not only a huge meal with all of us, but an incredible insight into the Gitga’at people and the community of Hartley Bay

Peter Ennis- gave us a rockfish to go along with the one that we found, floating right up to our boats!

Lou in Butedale- Gave us a free copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Trip Changer for sure!

John Dawkins- Gave us the knowledge and map visuals for the open coast, including valuable beta for the Cape Caution crossing.

Addenbroke Lighthouse- Dennis and Toni were awesome enough to lift our boats up with a crane and let us camp on their lawn.  Great to meet you guys!

Group on Deer Island- Shared a camp with a group of Frasier Valley dairy farmers on Deer Island, thanks so much for all the wonderful stories and the shrimp catching lessons!

Stewart Marshall- Shared a great bonfire and feast on the beach, sauna, and let us pitch our tents in his yard.  Wonderful memories from Sointula!

Strathcona Park Lodge-  We were fortunate to get a ride up to the lodge, share a meal, and meet all of your staff.  Can’t thank you enough!  Thanks Brian and Myrna.

The Benson Family-  Thanks so much for giving us a place to stay, sharing meals, and singing many great songs together!

Rob and Grace Dodge on Protection Island-  What a wonderful story you two have!  Thanks for all your support.  We truly enjoyed sharing stories and dreams with you.

 Barbara, Ed & Will Lowden- food, housing, chauffeur services, and great company. Thanks for the great help!

Carson Tak and friends- Food, shelter, and good times on Lasqueti Island!

Don & Crystal- a high speed lift across Georgia Straight helped keep Kanaan safe in questionable waters…

The Horn Family in Halfmoon Bay- amazing meals, great bike ride, and some tough Boggle games. You are a beautiful family.

Nick Horscroft- Thanks so much for going way above and beyond.  Partnering with Seaward Kayaks was the best decision we could have possibly made.  We really enjoyed meeting your family and sharing a great BBQ!  We will be in touch.

Lynn Martin- Great to meet you in Victoria!  Thanks for letting us stash our bicycles and check out your new city.

Dan and Bob- gave us a place to transition to bikes, fed us meals, and provided beds.  You guys made this transition possible!

Bill Thompson- got the second half of the bike brigade on their wheels to start the trip!

The Springer Family - The meal at your home in the Olympic National Forest was much appreciated as well as all the food you sent with us!

Cynthia Jones and Family – Thanks for letting us stay in your home and for the delicious meals when we reached Astoria.

Lee Judson - The rooms at your Motel 6 in Lincoln City were quite the treat; letting us shower, launder, and sleep in a soft bed.

Lia - You put the whole gang up at your house in Oregon including entertaining and feeding us.

Karl, Kailtyn, and Chris Miller - We loved the company in Charleston, OR thanks for all the meals, photography shoots, and stressful game of jumbling rainbow block.

Jake in Langlois - Thanks for the campsite outside your market in Langlois, OR.

Troy in Crescent City- BIG apples

Kevin and Eric Gullufsen - Thanks for letting us crash at your place and showing us Humbolt.

Bruce Hitchco - We all loved picking apples in your orchard and tending bees. Thanks for letting us stay for a few days so we could relax, eat pies, explore freshwater, and play cards into the night.

Jack and Suzanne- some beautiful conversations and a great lunch

Mel of floodplains farms- watermelons and a cactus. Good times in the Avenue of Giants!

Sketch near Garberville- delicious tomatoes and a great campsite

Chris, Rolf, and Emma- we really appreciated the good food and loving home. thanks for the guidance.

Kelley, Bobbie, and Dave Heldt- Thanks so much for taking care of ALL of our NEEDS. The food and facilities are about as high class as we have experienced yet.

Carly! some how the cakes and pies you mailed to us on the kayak trip didn’t get you on this page already. We’re terrible, forgive us. Luckily you let us stay at your house in San Fran and made us more food and gave us happiness and love and good times. So now you’re on here. You’re our favorite.

Alvey housed the bikes and the crew for some nights in the city and introduced us to the best Mexican food we’ve ever had!

David Helfand and Chelsey Forsberg took us out to dinner and shared some great stories. Great catching up with you two!

Caleb Tomlinson and Micheal the Roommate gave us a place to stay in Palo Alto. We also had an awesome hot tub session and campus-foraging and a beautiful birthday dinner and breakfast for Jen’s 23rd.

Kevin, Kim, and Brianna Heldt gave us a gorgeous home, delicious meals, a world series title with the giants, and of course, some amazing surf sessions down at Pleasure Point. Truly appreciate the fulfilling days of play and rejuvenation.

KG our warm shower/kitchen/shelter in Monterrey. A man of hospitality.

Dan Thanks for sharing your fire with us in Pfeiffer State Park Campground.

Jeff Grainger and Janis Buckingham The surprised lunch was much appreciated after some big climbs in Big Sur. We can’t thank you enough for dinner and the hotel room you got us. After a 90 degree day a shower was much needed.

Jeremy and Ivo Thanks for letting us take over your kitchen and crash on your floor in SLO.

Don and Ellin Bausler supplied half of the crew with food and a comfortable home, along with a tour of Santa Barbara and some much needed runs to the bike shop. They also gave Chris a ride to LA to meet up with Shmofa! Thanks for your helpful support.

Shayla Your house and hospitality was amazing. Dinner was wonderful and we loved the company of Seeva, Obie, Howey, and Sabu.

Bryce, Kelly, Kim, Justin, Quinn, and Yarrow at Mano Farm gave us an unforgettable experience in Ojai/Meiners Oaks. A week of building cob, eating great food, exploring the area, and enjoying wonderful company made for a very fulfilling visit. Deep gratitude to you all.

Christa, Mariana, and Wiley helped us get down and back to the film showing in Ventura. Great times with you guys around the fire, in town, and on the farm!

Yvon, Jenning, Jane, Mary, Chipperbro and all the good people at Patagonia gave us an awesome film premiere of Groundswell, a delicious and filling lunch at the cafeteria, quality conversations, helpful advice, and some sweet new gear! Thanks so much to a great organization of awesome employees for your support.

Dozier generously protected us from traffic as we fixed a flat in a precarious spot. Cheers!

Sunshine and family in Chatsworth. Thanks for taking us in and providing the good food, comfortable couches, and tour of the city. The LA experience!

Ann and David aunt and uncle to our favorite Lucy Squibb. Your house and the nourishment were beautiful. What a relaxing place to duck in to on our passage of Los Angeles. Looking forward to future encounters.

Racheal and Josh Church our buddy from home in Long Beach. Can’t say enough about your hospitality and willingness to share. Crab legs, beer, and trailer park boys were exactly what we needed. Thanks so much also for coming down to La Jolla to celebrate the life of our buddies, the Newmans. You two are amazing.

Kristi and James Short are real heros for our trip. Along with an epic Thanksgiving feast of 29 people, they gave us a HOUSE to live in for over a week. Such a crucial base camp for getting our scene figured out to cross the border. Use of the vehicles to run errands has been huge, and the patience to allow so many kids into your place is much appreciated. And of course, the beach access and the surf gear has been incredible. THANK YOU!

JH is a rad dude that helps us surf and enjoy the La Jolla life!

Beno and the crew at California Bicycles helped us get our bikes tuned up for Mexico. Thanks you guys!

Thao is our favorite pharmacist, helping us with all of our immunization needs and going beyond to make it all easier for us.

Roberto, Nick, and Martin gave us great housing in an ideal location for our first nights in Mexico. Prime real estate for warmshowers at K-38 past Rosario Beach. Thanks for the good times!

Claudia + Saundra + familia y Edith, Lupita, + Dey at La Baja Language School Even though we paid for their services, the homestay and school were of such incredible value that we have to thank them for their time and energy and dedication to helping us learn more Spanish. Muchas muchas gracias!

La Casa de Ciclista in Ensenada is an awesome warmshowers abode.

The senora running the Buenos Aires farm tienda gave us an excellent yard to camp in and desayuno tortillas for our first night out of Ensenada.

Abraham at the 24/7/365 truck stop in the desert gave us some excellent beta on the food and water stock up situation for the Baja California desert. Very helpful and gave us quite an advantage for the following week of decisions.

La iglesia de Guerrero Negro graciously housed us for a night in an ideal location  in the middle of town.

La iglesia de Vizcaino graciously housed us for a night in an ideal location  in the middle of town and provided an amazing breakfast to fuel a tough day of headwind biking

La mision de San Ignacio graciously housed us for 2 nights in an ideal location  in the middle of town, providing a kitchen and abundant fruit from the surrounding trees.

La iglesia de Santa Rosalia graciously housed us for 3 nights in an ideal location  in the middle of town.

Auntie Suzie and family gave as much as anyone could give. Four meals, two hotel rooms, an awesome party, and non stop laughs and good times. We may need to dedicate a new holiday to Santa Suzie la Gringa.

Victor Lopez helped Kanaan and Mike get to Vizcaino from San Ignacio for the wild party.

Alison and Mike helped Kanaan, Mike, TaTan, and Max get back to Santa Rosalia from the party night in Vizcaino

Aberto y familia en San Bruno gave excellent medical treatment to Kanaan with agua caliente y galleta for his mantallera sting in the foot.

La iglesia de Mulege graciously housed us for two nights in an ideal location  in the middle of town on Christmas Eve.

Keith and Ann hosted us for christmas sandwiches and an evening of great conversation and storie in Mulege.

Dona, Juana, Nick, Jeff and Lauri were all great neighbors for our two nights in la Bahia de Concepcion. Food, snorkeling gear, and cervezas were all much appreciated. Muchas gracias por los regales!

Los bomberos de Loreto were kind enough to give us a place to stay, mattresses, a kitchen, and plenty of jokes in Spanish. Casa, camas, cocina, y comedia!

Han and Laura shared showers and shots in Loreto.

Freddy y Juan del Sinaloense, la super burro taco tienda en Loreto. Gracias por el camping y seguridad!

The locals of Puerto Escondido let us join in on a great bonfire party and fed us our last meal of the year.

Dave and Donna Ketchum in Tripui hosted us for drinks and snacks and bike maintenance stories.

Jose Alberto and family of La Paz gave us a much appreciated ride across hundreds of kilometers of flat desierto. Barely fit in the truck with three bikes and three boys!

Carlos the ultimate couchsurfer host in La Paz treated us with an awesome experience of his city. A night at the movies, many delicious Mexican meals, spanish lessons, and too many nights of sleeping in a secure, comfortable house.

Penny, Jim, Ian, Shari, Lauri, Wally, David, Caroline, and many others at the Marina de La Paz were all excellent conversationalists who really cared about helping us find a ride to the mainland. Thanks for all your efforts!

Fili the caretaker of the deserted hotel resort took the Bauslers in for a night and gave use of the kitchen, showers, una pelicula, and beds for the night.

Jimmy at the Baja Extreme Surf Camp in El Pescadero let us stash our bikes at his place and introduced us to El Pescadero in style.

Brady, Troy, Dan, and Ben supplied a beautiful home of good vibrations, healthy food and interactions, and much appreciated surfboards lendings at El Cerritos. Good times with great people!

Dulce delivered a free guided yoga session. Happy bodies.

Bruce and Mouse, can’t ever say enough about these two. Our sailboat ride from La Paz to San Blas aboard the Skabenga was the most ideal way to make that crossing possible. Infinite gratitude for squeezing us all on board!

The good people of EcoMata on Isla Isabella fed us after a day of exploring the island. Check them out at for an incredible experience!

The bomberos in Guayabitos put Max and Chris up for a night and whooped their butts in a game of futbol.

Javier at Japodrillos Bike Shop in Puerto Vallarta helped out with tools, a bike box, and, oh yeah, an epic mountain bike ride down Rio Cuale! Muchas gracias a Carlos tambien para la noche incredible.

Belin graciously gave us beds and food that we didn’t deserve. Thanks for your patience!

Eric, Enrique, y Jose de Tomatlan, gracias por las cervezas y la monta a Punta Perula

Los Bomberos de Manzanillo gave a place to stay, showers, laundry, beds, internet, TV. Demasiado facile.

Martin at Mary Janes in Nexpa hooked it up with a free and secure tent site and an awesome Super Bowl party.

Victor de Calyeta de Campos gracias para los gratis lecciones de surfrear!

Omar y Areli shared incredible authentic Mexican fish dishes, ensuring we were well fed for a big day of biking, surfing, superbowling, and dancing.

Bellingham Andrew in Nexpa took us in for another night in radland and hosted an excellent potluck with all our new friends.

Braulio, Deborah y los hijos in Lazaro Cardenas muchas muchas gracias! Casa, camas, comida, lavanderia, habitacion, coches, these people were incredible hosts and went well out of their way to ensure that we had an excellent stay in Lazaro. And muchas gracias for the Fidel connection!

Arnt and Valerie Arntzen in Saladita gave great entertainment with awesome stories, cervezas, breakfast, and grapefruits to go. Check out their beautiful work at and

Armando Federico Gonzalez Rodriguez and the good people of Zihuatanejo welcomed us to the city in a big way, making us feel way more important than we are

Fidel of the Hotel Casas del Mar in Zihuatanejo made it all happen for us. An escort into the city, a huge meal, and a couple nights at his hotel. A truly gracious man!

Serafin y Blanca helped us find a campsite in Saladita and then gave us maps and food in Zihuatanejo! Mucho gusto buen gentes.

Alejandro at Magarrat Restaurant south of Zihuatenejo lined us up with a place to sleep after our friend Fidel called in for us.

Luis Ceballis, Luis Sanadio, Anastasia, Jesus, and Jon Garcia at La Lupita tienda, camping, cooking, and sharing meals for a much needed refuge after pushing through Acapulco which was rated as the 2nd most violent city in the world at the time.

Andres y Arturo Molina, the pharmacists in Marquelis gave us electrolyte drinks to keep us hydrated on a hot day in Guerrero.

Andres Samodio, our first ride from Pinatepa Nacionale towards Puerto Escondido.

Epi Fanio Machoca, gave us our second ride to Rio Grande in an awesome chicken truck that fit and held the three of us perfectly.

Joaquin de los Santos helped us make the final distance to Puerto Escondido and then gave us tamales and starfruit to put us back on our feet.

Lalo, Ale, Rosalee, German, Armando, Dimitria, Dan, Chris, and Kat shared their warm company, much food, many beers, lots of laugh, and a holistically fufilling experience at Rancho El Sagrado. Thanks good people!

Jorge Lira and Lilla Valadez at Cabanas Sierra Dorado in Zicatela for letting us store our bicycles on their yard while we swam and surfed in the waves and searched for our Argentinian friends.

The Rainbow Family for adopting us and sharing meals as well as an adventurous night of running from fire on Playa San Diego.

Carlos Marcial from Charly´s Bike Shop in Salina Cruz gave us great information and helped us research the local shops to find the tubes we needed.

The cathedral in Tehuantepec for a secure space for eating and sleeping.

Rodrigo and Lupita in Zanatepec found us and directed us to their house for meals, beds, and showers! Best couchsurf-warmshowers yet!

Bomberos in Arriaga a great station with the best shower in Mexico

Marcelimo, Freddy, Marrel, and Mel drove us in the trucker fleet across Chiapas.

The family in Tapachula who gave us a place to stay for two nights as well as fruit from their beautiful backyard orchard.
Edgar Ramirez and the bomberos in San Rafael for a much needed resting place on our first night in the mountains of Guatemala.

Leonidas Rodriguez welcomed us to the town of San Marcos and guided us to the bomberos station

Bomberos in San Marcos probably the best bomberos station yet, especially after the hardest day of the trip.

Frederick bought us aguacates as we began our climb out of San Marcos

Bomberos in Xela the beds were quite a treat

The agua purificada station outside Xela let us fill up our bags and bottle for free on a day of heavy water consumption

Bomberos in Solola introduced us to the Atitlan area

Bomberos in Panajachel gave us the necessities

David at La Posada de Santiago on Lake Atitlan gave us just about all he could give. A house to sleep in, a pool, hottub, sauna, and lake, and a delicious meal and beers at his restaurant made for an unforgettable stay at the most beautiful hotel on the lake.

Alana, Claire, and Dani shared their room and many great times in San Marcos. Love you ladies.

Fidel in Guatemala City was instrumental in helping Kanaan find and board the right bus to la frontera

Ede and Len hooked the crew up with a hotel room and meals in Antigua

Bomberos in Antigua allowed a second night to enjoy the city

Bomberos in Taxisco enjoyed good company

Bomberos in San Alvarez got us in touch with our animal side

Dustin Puccio, Chris Brandret, Luis Santillana, and Julian Calderon welcomed us to El Salvador with 2.5 rounds of beers

Angel de Jesus Orantes delivered mangos and water to us while we took a rest break in the shade by his home.

Bomberos in Usulutan had an awesome kitchen, showers, sleeping room, and swimming pool!

Bomberos in San Miguel put us in a great location for a night of futbol and pupusas

Pollo Costeno in Las Lanas, Honduras gave us a great place to stay for our first night in the country, and a free meal too!

Bomberos in Choluteca offered some of the finest facilities we´ve seen.

bomberos in Leon
aberto hermile supplied a toilet in mateare
bomberos in Jinotepe
John and Sofana at Playa Gigante gave us an incredible house to stay in for our extended visit, and thanks to Gonzo for sharing the space! Camino del Gigante is the best place on the beach!
Bo and Lisa at WOO helped us line up some awesome filming opportunities
bomberos in Rivas
juan carlos hooked it with agua in Saopa from the well before crossing the border
Carlos, Pablo, y Alvaro bought a fish dinner in La Cruz first night in Costa Rica
Francisco Mora gave us a yard to camp in and kitchen to use in Calderas
La Cruz Roja in Jaco
Frank, Walter, Leslie, Christian, and Ronnie at Finca La Peubla for a week of good times and incredible food
Freddy at the fruit stand on the road to San Isidro for the free produce
The iglesia at Palmar and the padre and hermana for the ride
Kenny gave a ride to Neily
Louis Hernandez gave a ride to Aguabuena
Bike shop in Neily was a great place to get prepped for the border crossing to Panama
Bomberos in Neily
Bomberos in David
Bomberos in Sona
Bomberos in Santa Maria
Cruz Roja in Penonome
Palmar Surf Camp at El Palmar
Bomberos in San Carlos
Cody, Big and Chris in PanCity gave us a feast and a great evening
Will and Marilyn on the Running Free gave us the experience of a lifetime, going through the canal as linehandlers, as well as some incredible meals, comfortable lodging, and fun conversations
Pedro Moreno shared a fun surf session and graciously gave us a delicious restaurant meal to celebrate our last days in Central America
The immigration official in El Porvenir gave us 5 extra days in the San Blas Islands by not coming to work
Delimino Martinez gave local knowledge of the northern Colombia region
Centro Civico in Arjona
Frederico and friends in San Onofre showed us how to celebrate San Onofre Day and gave us a campsite
Bomberos in Sencelejo
Watermelon dudes in Chinu supplied needed refreshments with perfect timing
Rafael y Juan at the CVS Agroforestry nursery near Planeta Rica gave mangos and friendly conversation
Iglesia in Planeta Rica
Christian the tour guide in Planeta Rica led us to showers and wifi
Enrique y Helena in Caucasia gave us an incredible home and amazing meals and entertainment to celebrate Max’s 23rd birthday
Arielmira Romero in Taraza gave his complete energy to find us a place to stay at the local Arts and Culture center, he gives all praise and credit to the Alcaldia and state of Antioquia
The good family in Valdivia whose name I forgot to write down but provided the most beautiful mountain ridge campsite in their backyard
Jorge and the best police force in Colombia in Los Llanos for the great campsite, breakfast, maps, and gifts!
Mi Gallo Tuerto in Giradota
Carlos and Juan in Copacabanainvited us over for lunch, swimming in the pool, showers and laundry!Romerro guided us through the rush hour traffic of Medellin to help us find San Antonio de Prado. Colombianos son amables!
Manuel and Marta Velazquez in San Antonia de Pradohave the best Casa de Ciclistas in the world! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with our gracious hosts in a comfortable home for some desperately needed rest days

Daniel, Alex and the bomberos in Caldaslined us up with a place to stay in the community center for Chris’ birthday

Alex and Heimedid all that they could to help Chris fix his bike on his birthday, and even supplied the food and drink!

Ubegmargot us cakes and cokes in Caldas

The beautiful families at Quebrada Piedrasgave us a sancocho meal and fun times in the river!

Gladys and Aleidoallowed us to camp on a beautiful river bank next to their house.

William in Ansermalined us up with an awesome camp in the futbol stadium

Bomberos in Cartagohave the most elite station in Colombia and hooked us up with flashlights too!

Yolanda, Victor, Nancy, and the Civil Defense Corps in Andaluciawent above and beyond to give us an awesome experience, a loving home, delicious meals, and fun times in an unexpected place.

Alexander Garcia and the Palmira Bike Centralteam took us in, fed us, fixed our bikes, and never stopped giving.

The families of Nashira Ecoaldealet us stay the night in their gathering center. Beautiful community!

Carlos, Alvarez, and our buddy Patangave us a much needed house to stay at in Popayan after hours of searching

Doño and Daniel showed us some incredible caves, a gorgeous river, and a delicious fresh made block of cheese

Pedrolined us up with showers after a great basketball game with the locals of El Tablon

Franco, Angel, and Josefinagave us a home and a meal in Chachagui

The bomberos in Pastogave us the salon for two nights

Antonio Campaña in Pasto gave Kanaan new handlebars and helped him replace the broken ones

Arturo and the indigenous guard of San Juangave us an excellent place to stay for our last night in Colombia

Pabloput us up at the Tulcan futbol field for our first night in Ecuador

Carlos, Colombia, and their family at Leyton Toursgave us a campsite for three nights in Otavalo and some fun times with the outdoor education kids camp

Luis Alfonso Morales, his wife Elena, and sons Andy and Amiare our favorite family ever. Many meals, fun times playing in the mountains and on the futbol field, and over a week of housing in Calderon made them some of the most generous human beings we’ve encountered.

Bomberos in Guayllabamba, especially Oscar Martinez, for a fun futbol field and a place to sleep.Donovan Bell and Ellen Story gave us their friendship and a lonely planet book that helped out a lot with the rest of our travels through EcuadorRodrigo at the futbol field in Banos helped us out with a locker room to sleep in for the nightPepe’s familia de mujeres in Iquitos let us spend the night in their house, a perfect base camp for our next move up the riverBoth bomberos and policia in Pucallpa gave us places to crash for a nightBomberos in Huanuco really helped us out with long term storage of our bicycles while we missioned to the mountains of HuarazPolicia in La Union gave us much needed camping for two nights while Dave was in the hospital. Love La Union!The Bauslers put us up in style in Huaraz for a week, hanging at the Hof and enjoying the fine dining in the city.Whitey Flagg gave us good times in the form of Ron Cartavio on multiple occasions.William, Anthony, Ana, and Miguel in San Rafael treated us to fruits from their stands free of chargeCerro de Pasco Bomberos Thomas, Angela, Beto, Jon, y Wilber gave us one of our favorite bomberos experiences yet. Food, beds, and Monday Night Football.Officer Ayala in La Oroya let us stay the night in the police station

Litisha y Nilyani in Huancayo gave juice and cake, and the Bomberos gave us two nights of location for sleeping.

Bomberos in Huancavelica supplied rooftop camping and some epic volleyball matches

Many friendly truck drivers who we failed to get names from, picked us up to help us get through the grand montanas de Peru in a timely fashion. Love and respect to all the anonymous hitchhike helpers.

Mariella en Generosa handed us platanos

Harry y Juana a la polleria in Abancay gave us a room to sleep in after some great fried chicken.

Bomberos in Sicuani for the night of camping

Policia in Ayaviri for the secure space

Bomberos in Juliaca  for the night with Wifi

John and Wilma from San Francisco gave us eggs and toast in Copacabana

Policia/Iglesia in Batallas gave a room to sleep in

Kiko de Colombia en Villazon gave handicrafts, coca leaves, and wine in good Colombian fashion

German en Salta was sure to give us the Argentinean cultural experience by making us a steak lunch full of travel stories

Hugo Figueroa and family in La Rioja gave all they could give with their home and family for two nights of hospitality and humor

Rafael y Noelia our favorite Spanish travellers met up with us yet again in Difunta Correa and made us a steak dinner

Ashley and Shane were our Alaskan homies in Mendoza, letting us crash at their apartment for a week and sharing some super fun times

Tatan, Nick, Candella, and Beti are good friends in Alta Gracia that treated us to the full Argentinean experiences over many days of relaxation and celebration

Berta and Sebastien took us out to dinner in Mendoza, the first of many gifts coming from Chile

Luan and Franco gave us chorizo sandwiches in Uspallata

Dave and Daysi are our mom and dad in Renaca Alto. They kindly opened their home and shared many delicious meals for an amazing base camp in the Valparaiso area

Billy, Jon, and Nelson at Valparaiso Surf Project hooked us up hard with boards, wetsuits, food, transportation, waves, beds, and great times for a happy time in Valpo.

Noemi, Domingo, and the Vasquez family in San Antonio were among the most giving people we have encountered. They took us in on Christmas Eve, gave us a bed and fed us for five days on two separate trips. A family of love!

Rodrigo at Infiernillos Surf School in Pichilemu hooked us up with a discount on surf boards. Best place to chill and to get boards on La Puntilla!

Oscar at Docas in Pichilemu kept us well stocked on cervezas whenever we stopped by.

Craig, Kendra, Deborah and Alex shared many a meal and drink and gear storage and fun times with us in Pichilemu. Second time on this givers page for Craig! A long ways from the fish sponsorship back in AK!

Pepe and Theresa in Bucalemu helpéd us out with a place to store bikes for our misión back to San Antonio to visit the Vasquez family.

Mario in Pullay delivered torta frita and agua caliente to our campsite

La Pica El  Flaco Restaurante in San Nicolas stored our bikes for us

San Nicolas Health Clinic hooked it up  with free health care and an ambulance ride

La Familia Plaza Marilyn, Pedro, Juancho, Benjamin, Carlos,  y Rosalia gave beds and meals along with a tour of the mountains

Pepe y Rodrigo en Los Angeles let us camp next to the pool and share food

Pablo de la Fuente is the best part about Temuco

Maca y Juaco saved us from the mean streets of Villarica and brought us home for some fresh local organic meals

Katherine Erura Jasquez Ureña y su hijo Jose  Miguel gave a tent site and refreshments in  Lican Ray

Monica Manzano gave us the full Manzano treatment at the lakeside property in Niltume. Fully catered and pampered

Cristian Macchi stored our bikes and gave showers in San Martin de los Andes

Miguel y Huaiquimilla familia en Entre Lagos - a birthday party, a home, food, and a ride to Puerto Montt after 3 noches en casa

 Juan Carlos Zavala in Puerto Montt housed us for a few nights and fed us SALMON along with a tour of the lakes

Xavier Pince y Teresa in Ancud gave a home full of homies and Chiloe comida de Curantoa and fun times

Sergio, Julia, Camila, y Daniel in Cucao fed us many meals and lessons of the land

Jorge’s Casa de Ciclista in Villa Mañihuales gave a great house and kitchen to celebrate a reunion of friends

Gringo Bob and Andrea Chilena for the luxury bed, amazing meals, fishing trip, and adventures de Aysen

Stephanie and Candice dropped a ridiculously awesome box of treats for us in Coyhaique

Boris’ Casa de Ciclista in Coyhaique was another excellent place to rest along the Austral

Cami y Mauricio al Hosteria de la Patagoniaa in Chile Chico gave an awesome campsite in the orchard, rock climbing, pizza, excellence

Daniel, Marcelo, Elena, and the Barria Familia de Chile Chico for rock climbing with a dinner and movies

Fabian y Dago Verto Urrutia en Puerto Bertrand let us stay at their place with a  fogon  after a ride with a busted bike

Camilo y Tomas in Cochrane gave a casa with only tres reglas for dos noches

Segundo el Mechanico en Cochrane supplied a great shop for some crucial repairs

Flors Casa de Ciclista en El Chalten was the absolute spot. A loving family with non stop buena onda and comida feliz. And a new buddy tambien!

Geraldo en El Chalten was a big help with the rebuild of a wheel and topped it off with an asado.

Matias en Calafate gave a great place to crash with awesome amigos guanaco plantas FLO and musica

Alejandro Gendarmeria Rio Turbio gave a place to sleep and a meal with mate

Gloria, Oscar, Alison, Enzo en Puerto Natales have an amazing couchsurf house full of love and food.

Angela y Patricio Cacéres-Murrié los padres de Benjamin!!! Made Punta Arenas amazing with a complete home as it should be, food, beds, showers, comfort. And a car! Hotel Juneau is a good place.

Juan Pinto and the gang in Porvenir at the salmon protein plant gave food and a warm shelter from the storm for two nights.

John George and the wachos at Estancia Tres Hermanos gave meals and housing and work and play

The customs office at San Sebastian and the heated room with kitchen and everything

Ana and Diego in Rio Grande shuttled the bike to their house and then fed the hunger with pizza de la piedra!

Estancia Viamonte gave a meal and a guest house with a heck of a wood stove

Panadería La Union in Tolhuin is a magical place of good vibes, great food, and a comfortable bed and shower

Viviana and the Defensa Civil at Lago Escondido delivered coffee and crackers and a warm room when it really counted.

Ariana in Ushuaia is the best couchsurf host ever!

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