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Capital City Weekly

06-11-2014 From the soles of ATripSouth
04-16-2014 Spanish in Chile
01-08-2014 Manu Mania
11-27-13 A Trip South: Keeping hydrated
10-02-13 A Trip South – Napo Flow
08-21-13 A Trip South – Gracias Colombia
07-03-2013 A Trip South- The Faces of Tourism
05-13-2013 A Trip South- In Extreme Need
03-27-2013 A Trip South: Pacing Ourselves
02-06-2013 A Trip South: Early Retirement
01-02-2013 A Trip South: Mental Linguistics
10-31-2012 A Trip South: Home Free- The California Experience
09-26-2012: A Trip South: Seeking harmony in Sointula
07-18-2012: Cultural Values in Kake
07-04-2012: A Trip South: The Surge of Tracy Arm
05-16-2012: A Trip South: The Funky Five Get Ready to Push Out

Juneau Empire

06-13-2014 Nowhere left but north
06-12-2014 The Final Pass
03-13-2014 Chillin out in Chile
12-06-2013 Lost in the stormĀ 
11-01-2013 The highest hole in Peru
08-23-2013 Andy, Luis and the Heart of Imbabura
08-02-2013 A Colombian holiday
06-14-2013 The Curse of the Gringo
04-26-2013 Dear Topes
03-29-2013: A seriously fun time
02-15-2013: A Trip South: Coconomics
01-18-2013: The Mexico perception
12-14-2012: The Road of Wisdom
11-16-2012: The Power of the Bicycle
10-12-2012: Reflections from the road
09-14-2012: Thank you Juneau
09-14-2012: A Crude Proposition
08-03-2012: Hinkley’s Hot Tub

07-06-2012: Crossing Communication
06-08-2012: Southward Bound
06-03-2012: Photos: Going South, Far South

06-03-2012: A Trip South Thanks Supporters

05-18-2012: Seeking Local on a Global Scale
05-18-2012: By Paddle and Pedal, an Adventure South

Other Print Media

08-28-2012: Campbell River Mirror – Kayakers Get the Pipeline Message
07-15-2012: The Northern View – 12 Kayakers Stop in Prince Rupert on Journey to Argentina

09-12-2012: Next phase of “A Trip South” set to begin
08-16-2012: KXLL Juneau – Vancouver Island landing
08-13-2012: KRBD Ketchikan – Adventure from Alaska to Argentina Continues
07-07-2012: KXLL Juneau – Ketchikan update”
06-01-2012: KTOO Juneau – Launching the trip of a lifetime”


07-11-2013 Andalucia, Colombia Interview