The following friends have, are, or will be joining us for at least one section of the trip.

Lucas Merli will be kayaking with us through Southeast Alaska and British Columbia.
Lucy Squibb will be kayaking with us through Southeast Alaska and British Columbia.

Mallory Story will be kayaking with us through Southeast Alaska and British Columbia.

Will Geiger will be kayaking with us through Southeast Alaska and British Columbia.

David McCasland will be kayaking with us through Southeast Alaska.

Elyse Kennedy will be paddling through the Inside Passage

Lia Heifetz will be paddling with us through Southeast Alaska and British Columbia.

Jen Yip! was our Canadian ambassador in the states peddaling with us on the USA leg of the bike ride

Caroline Hedin is going to find us where ever we are in October for a tour of the states and then some


Hunter Brown and Hal Geiger brought the Okojo Maru south for a couple days to hang with the crew.

Ryan Lindsay, Owen Kelley, and Kayla Janelle joined us for 4 days of laughter in the beautiful Tracy Arm. We forgot to get a picture of all of them together, so just pretend that Chris is Owen and Elyse is Kayla. Ranger Ryan patrols the waters.

Randy Lenz and Johnny Rice! We first met these guys in Coffman Cove where they fed us and housed us and hot-tubbed us and fed us. After two nights they drove down the road to our next campsite and celebrated our last night on POW before crossing to the mainland. Finally, they met up with half the crew in Washington on the first days of the bike trip. Who knows when we’ll see them again!

Pam and Stretch Chatham lifted us from Ketchikan to Kaa Shakes along board the Stimpson, their 1914 tugboat. What a scene getting all of those kayaks on and off the boat! We were very thankful to be on board for a day and a night, protected from the weather and completely relaxed.

Jon Dawkins invited us to be his roommates in the Lady Douglas Island cabin just north of Bella Bella. He fed us great knowledge of the region, gained from years of kayak trips in the area. He paddled with us for the first part of the next day before turning outside for the open coast on his first ever extended solo mission. An inspiring dude.

Murray Down- Rowed South from Cape Caution to Black Creek with us!

Evan Captain kicked off the bike trip for half of us, spending the first three nights with us on our way under the Olympic Peninsula. He contributed some awesome good energy to get us going on our wheels. Thanks making sure we started it off right!

Con Gives Us Skate Lessons

Con Bell, our buddy, our hero. Camped with us for two nights on the Oregon Coast, took us skating at the sickest park in the world, and shared some serious stoke. He’s a real happiness provider.

Evan Grainger, the California Kid, met us in Crescent City to ride all the states that have the word California in them. A real treat and a fine young chap. We know he can’t get enough of us. He’ll be riding into the future with us.

The gang posing at Bruce's

Steve and Chad first joined us in Arcada for a ride/skateboard with John to Bruce’s apple farm. After a few nights there we all knew that we needed to keep hanging out. Since then we’ve shared many campsites and biked many good miles. Quality traveling.

We didn't get a photo with Maximilliano, but Sunshine is from LA too, so he can fill the space for now

Maximilliano Villa was so happy to see us when we pedaled up beside him outside of Leggett, CA. We spent three nights together and exchanged some awesome stories from very different pasts. His bike ride from Minneapolis back home to Compton was the beginning of a new lifestyle, living on the bike. If you see him out there, donate to the cause.

The Cob Building Crew

Erica and Stefan are some beautiful friends that joined us in Ojai and came down to La Jolla with us. Great times in great places, we truly enjoyed their company. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and for taking Jen off our hands… ;)

Nick, Tatan, y Frank, the Argentinians that are our traveling brethren! They started in Alaska and are riding home, we started at home and are riding to Argentina. Good thing we did some riding together! Our first week in Baja California Sur was completely changed by the help of these guys, teaching us the language, talking us into churches for housing, and leading us to interactions that have been helping us get better acquainted with the language and culture. We stayed at their homes in Alta Gracia, Argentina, and have met up multiple times in the south as well!

Mike Riederer knows how to get it done. We heard he was trying to get a hold of us, so we called him to find out that we would be taking a bus down Baja to meet up with us in a few days. So stoked to explore La Mar de Cortez and Baja California Sur with our good buddy. Easily the sketchiest bike set up that we have traveled with so far.

Kaitlyn substituted for Andrew in San Blas with her personal beard knitted by Barb Mitchell, our former teacher at Gastineau Elementary

Kaitlyn Bausler met us in La Paz with plans to go on a bike trip. After a lot of hanging out, and a side trip down to El Pescadero, we got on the sail boat and cruised to the mainland. A bus ride to make sure that she wouldn’t miss her flight from Puerto Vallarta ensured that she would have to do too much biking after all, other than through gnarly headwinds and cities at night. Thanks for coming down!

Skabenga Crew

Bruce and Mouse gave us the ultimate sailboat experience. An excellent captain and first mate, always willing to have fun and enjoy the ride. Couldn’t be happier to have met and traveled with these folks.

representing Bandidos

Thinking about a trade, We will take the tricycle Fidel!

Braulio and Fidel gave us motorcycle escorts to their cities, making us feel pretty badass. Definitely digging the biker gang way of life.

Darcy Ruddy stopped making us feel so lonely when he joined us as the first “Buddy” in months, riding with us on his fold-up bicycle from Dominical, Costa Rica to the border of Panama. We loved his flexible travel methods and stoked attitude!

Seth the Hopi Hitchhiker easily fit in with our crew for a fortunate couple weeks on the last leg of Central America. Despite being bikeless, we camped with him in Costa Rica, Panama City, Shelter Bay, Portobelo, and rode two different sailboats with him, on the Running Free through the Panama Canal, and on the Guam to Chichimae Island. We left him swimming to shore without a plan of how he was going to get off the island! We then met up again in both Otovalo and Quito, Ecuador, in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina, and in Cucao on Chiloe Island in Chile. Our most frequent brother of the road for sure!

Captain Will at the helm with Dutchies behind. Unfortunately we lost the camera with the group shot

Will and Marylin Imanse made our day when they asked us to work as linehandlers on the Running Free the boat they were taking through the Panama Canal. We had an awesome time with them cruising through the Canal, working the locks, and celebrating afterward in Shelter Bay. Lawrence and Tom of Holland also joined us for the trip as linehandlers, as well as our pilot Ivan. All Canal Buddies!


The Crew with Captain Thomas bouncing on the dinghy, half in sight

Thomas was the hero of the week when he offered us a ride to Colombia on his sailboat, the Guam. We had an awesome time touring the San Blas Islands with him and accidentally spending five extra days snorkeling and relaxing. Our new friends Michel from Mexico and Salvador from Mallorca joined us for the crossing to Cartagena, filling the boat with a fun crew of sailors.

Adriaan followed us through our first mountains of Colombia

Our first day of riding with the South Africans. Leaving the Casa de Ciclistas in Medellin, we were stopped by the locals of Caldas for coke and cake. The beginning of something great!

Mark and Dave, otherwise known as Mick and Dav, are our number one bicycle buddies. We met them at Manuel’s Casa de Ciclistas in San Antonia de Prado, and we’ve been a team ever since. Mark stayed behind in Quito when we took off for the Amazon, and Dave made it all the way to Huaraz with us. Mark found us again in Salta for a final week of riding.

Patrick with Cotopaxi and a 'stash

Patrick is nice. He came to Quito and rode with us to Banos. And he grabbed a bull by the horns.

Pepe and Celer driving from the back. Wives and kids in the middle. Us up front.

Pepe and Celer took us down the Rio Napo and showed us life on the river. A pretty unique experience in the Amazonian jungle.

Stutzer catching some air on the Salar de Uyuni

Lukas Stutzer met us in La Paz for a couple weeks of riding through Bolivia and Argentina. He kept the stoke rolling and gave us the raddest of times.

Cake master with a birthday gift for Andy at the Casa de Ciclistas in Mañihuales

Stephanie kept crossing our path through Argentina and Chile, and she even entertained us with a few days of riding with the crew. She´s a total freak, and talks non stop, but her love for bananas keeps her in check.


Pablo de la Fuente gave us his home in Temuco and then rode with us to Villarrica. 80 km on a mountain bike was enough for his part on ATripSouth.

Dominik celebrating his first morning on atripsouth

Dominik met up with us to share a campsite on one of our first nights on the Carretera Austral and rolled with for some of the best and worst parts of the road. He waited for us to fix flats on our skinny tires and helped celebrate our most important days. BUDDY STATUS!


like, Connor really likes his bloody sandwiches like

Connor was a real handful. A handful of good times and a handful of bike parts and especially handfuls of cake. We rolled out of Coyhaique together and he was a noble companion for the whole Carretera Austral all the way to El Chalten.

El Charito in full form, happy faces and hugs. Just as Flor likes it.

After housing us for 1.5 weeks (Andrew) and 3 week (Kanaan), Flor still  wasn’t satisfied with her TripSouth. She decided to ride with Kanaan to El Calafate, and with the plan to ‘ir con tranquilidad’ we did a trip that usually takes 2 days in 4.  Suuuper buena onda!

15 thoughts on “Buddies

  1. This trip sounds so awesome!!! I don’t know any of you, but I wish you the best of luck, I am so incredibly jealous and I am inspired to go on an similar adventure in my near future!! Stay safe throughout your time in Central America please… and everywhere for that matter.

    Kanaan, I heard about your adventure through Quest and I am attending Quest this fall. Super stoked and would love to hear about your trip if you ever visit Quest sometime in the next couple years!

  2. Hi Chris!
    My wife and I met up with your dad & mom at Ralph Hinkley’s house last Saturday…great to hear about your trip. It was great to see the whole family again. We will be following you closely! Good luck and stay safe!

  3. We wish you luck and lots of fun from us here in Coffman Cove, Alaska – thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Come back and see us again sometime.

    Bartender at the Doghouse Saloon :)

  4. Just wanted to give everyone an update. The Funky Five + Buddies are doing great. They stayed over on Pennock Island for two nights camping out in our backyard(July 5th and 6th) on July 7th we loaded up 9 kayaks and 10 people on our boat and took everyone down to Bull Head Cove which is right passed Boca De Quadra about 40 miles south of K-Town. Chris plus one stayed back and went to a Totem Pole raising in Saxman and was heading out that evening. Everyone stayed on the boat with us that night and headed out the morning of July 8th, water was flat calm…..beautiful weather. I noticed on the spot tracker this am that Chris is catching up to the rest of the group really fast..In two days or even by tomorrow they should all be traveling together again. Stretch and I had a wonderful time with this great group of young adults. What an adventure they are on…We wish them all well and stay safe…

  5. The Ennis family out of Kitimat aboard MV ‘Go Easy’ met Kanann and the kayakers in Goat Harbour (Inside Passage) a few days ago. We were happy to share a rock cod with them and wish them a safe journey south. Checking out spot tracker was interesting, we’ll follow their progress and maybe run into them again down around Desolation Sound or the Sunshine Coast while we are out on our sailboat ‘Bohemia’ later this month. Best Fishes, Lee-Ann and family.

  6. We gave you water at the North end of Denman Isd. We arrived home on Protection Isd so are ready to be your hosts as you pass by. Is there anything you have been craving we could provide for you? Gerald Isd south of Parksville looked like it has a good place to camp. Glad I found your web site!
    Cheers Rob

  7. Know your journey is going well. We will keep some popsicles in the freezer for any of you who come by on the return trip. Flood Plain Produce, Pepperwood, CA.

  8. Saw you guys on your way through Carpinteria, CA as you got some goodies at the Albertson’s. Wish I could go with you, but I’m with you in spirit. Bon voyage!

  9. What a wonderful and creative and physically challenging way to see North and South America.
    Continued success with adventures ahead for you all in life.
    Evan Grainger’s next door neighbor here.
    Have a great ride. Know you will.

  10. So glad to see our “crew” living the dream. We miss you guys and think of you daily. Safe travels to you all and stay in touch!!!! Sorry we missed you guys in Puerta Vallarta.

  11. Hi Kanaan!
    I saw Kacy in March (w/ John & my parents) asked about you & he said he’d checked out your website a couple times. I’m a little slow but here I am-saying HI! Cool pics & what an epic adventure…..jealous! more vicarious living for me.
    We did have quite an adventure last year!
    take care!!!
    Lee Ann

  12. Got some photos of you boys down at the Panama Canal. I hope you found some work like you hoped. I see you made it to San Blas! So did I. Great Place. Aloha.

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