Kanaan Bausler

Kanaan knows how to juggle

Ever since Chris proposed the idea two summers ago, I’ve been thinking about this adventure non-stop. I can sometimes go for a couple hours thinking about other stuff, but eventually it all leads back to A Trip South. I can honesty say that if I were to describe my life passions with just one word, that word would be Exploring.The opportunity to explore the world in such a meaningful way, going at the pace of a human being, is just about the most exciting thing I can imagine.

The stoke is now at an all time high, as the departure date is coming closer and the arrangements for the expedition are becoming a reality beyond just ideas. It will be hard to leave our beautiful homeland for such an extended period of time as I feel my attachments to this place growing stronger by the day. But our plan to transition into the bike ride with the Tongass/GreatBear paddle makes it much easier, and the temptation to experience new cultures and foreign environments is too great to resist.

There’s a lot to experience in this world, and every day is a gift. I see this trip as an ideal way to take advantage of my time being alive on Earth.