Max Stanley

Max looking goood

Guess what? I was also born in Juneau, Alaska! I still consider myself to live there even though I spend eight months a year attending school in Colorado. And I probably will still consider myself to live there while I am biking half a world away. I guess that what happens when you like where you’re from. When Chris first posed the idea to me I was hesitant, the trip seemed like more of an undertaking than I desired. I mean who would want to ride a bike for a year when you have a life to live? However this endeavor (or maybe it was just Chris) wouldn’t go away. I began thinking about this adventure more and more; whenever I traveled I would revert back to this idea of biking.

Then, one evening I watched 180° South and by the film’s end I was convinced – I am biking to South America. A few days later when I committed to Chris and Kanaan, Kanaan proposed his tweak to the trip. Instead of biking the entire length we would vary our method of transportation and kayak Southeast Alaska into British Columbia. I became that much more excited and there was no way I would not undertake this adventure.

I think I realized that this would be quite the life to live and I might not have another opportunity to experience it in this configuration. The sequence of my life has always been defined. I had always wanted to attend college and so that was the obvious succession of my life post-high school. Now in college it is apparent that A Trip South will be the next step in my life. Whats next? I don’t know, but I have a pretty good feeling that I will find this out on my way.