The Film Project

VIVO AQUÍ: The Film Project of ATripSouth

The film project of ATripSouth is taking form now as we are all back from South America and the documentation phase is complete. Kanaan is taking on the project of reviewing all the footage and editing short pieces. The intention is to inspire discussions and local actions by promoting similar stories and providing helpful resources.


In May 2012 we successfully funded the basic equipment for the documentation process of the film project. Check it out for more information here:

From June 2012 through November 2014 we completed the journey, documenting our experience along with 24 focused examples of localized living.

In August 2014 we successfully funded the basic equipment for the editing process of the film project. Check it out for more information here:

Finished edits:

*A pilot piece for the Vivo Aquí web series is now on the Home Page*

Below is a sample highlighting our own unique community – Eaglecrest, AK. We used this edit for our first kickstarter in May 2012.

In between the kayak leg and the bike leg of the trip, we were able to put together a short edit of our experience encountering the Northern Gateway Pipeline issue along the coast of BC. This is similar to the style of our bigger project, in that it aims to allow the subjects to tell their own stories. However, this short edit is a little more content heavy than our future pieces will be, due to the nature of the issue.