Great Success!

Thanks to all who came out and made this happen! Food from Barnacle, Deckhand Daves, and Devil’s Club made it happen! And especially huge thanks to Gold Town Nickelodeon. Support your local theater!

Almost 4 years

Greetings friends

On June 1st it will be 4 years since we pushed off from Sandy Beach in our kayaks on a trip south.

Just this past week I finished the gigantic (years-long) task of reviewing all the footage from the trip and picking out the decent shots. I am now officially in the next phase of the editing process.

To celebrate, I’m sharing a short edit that I made over a year ago for a Cycle Alaska Adventure Cycling slideshow. It never really made the rounds on the internet, so now seems like a good time to redistribute it.

Florencia Lopez at the Casa de Ciclistas El Charito in El Chalten, Argentina:

chaltenasado from Kanaan Bausler on Vimeo.

More to come soon!

Lalo at Rancho El Sagrado

Lalo and Ale of Rancho El Sagrado in Oaxaca, Mexico were just the types of people we were looking for with the ATripSouth film project. They were enjoying their first years of a lifelong localization project. They have committed to transforming a coffee plantation into a sustainable home, practicing the principles of permaculture to redesign their land and feed their family and visitors. Rancho El Sagrado invites volunteers, tourists, and locals alike to share their piece of the world and experience the natural beauty that they are blessed with. By combining organic agriculture with hospitality and a sustainable business model, Lalo and Ale are strengthening their relationship to their local place.